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About Midwest Canvas

we find it reassuring to know that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Over the past six decades, what began as a two-man operation has grown to become Midwest Canvas Corporation...America's leading manufacturer of pool covers and supplies. From the beginning, our business philosophy has been simple; quality products of superior value, and timely delivery.
Above all, the recognition that the customer is the cornerstone of our success. Our goal is to provide the most complete customer service possible. Many things have changed since 1960. But not all things. Our regard for the customer has been unwavering. Indeed, we count this as the reason for our continued growth and success.

Midwest Canvas

Poly Sheeting

Midwest Canvas

Construction Products

Midwest Canvas

Pool Products


We cover you year around

Midwest Canvas
Solar Blankets
Space Age Solar Blankets
Winter Pool Cover
Leaf Net Cover
Mesh Cover
Water Tubes
Corner Tubes
Wall Foam
Cover Clips

Construction Supplies

Concrete Curing Blanket
Reinforced Poly
    Super Woven
    Super String
Wet Cure Covers
Tarpaulins (Enclosures)
    Style 1300
            Vinyl Enclosure System
    Heavy Duty Woven Poly
            Water Resistant and Flame Retardant
    Snow Tarps
            Heavy Duty Reinforced With Lift Points
Vapor Barrier

Packaging Materials

Midwest Canvas
MidPack Bubble
Dispenser Cartons
MidPack Mailers
MidPack Bubble Out Bags
MidPack Foam
Cohesive and Adhesive Bubble

Other Products offered by Midwest Canvas

Midwest Canvas
Pit Liners
Salt Pile Covers
Basement Liners
Tarpaulins (Enclosures)

Midwest-Pack (Division of Midwest Canvas)

MidPack Bubble

3/16" Bubble (smal)
5/16" Bubble (medium)
1/2" Bubble (large)
Custom slitting and perfing available
Available in 72" and 48" Clear, Pink Antistatic, Green Recycled

Dispenser Cartons

Available in all bubble sizes
All perfed at 12"
All UPS'able

MidPack Mailers

Kraft bubble lined mailers self seal & heat seal
White bubbled lined mailers
Kraft foam lined mailers with self seal
Exclusive Easy Tear Strip opening available on all variations
One color printing available

MidPack Bubble Out Bags

3/16" bubble
Self seal or flush cut
Available in Antistatic

MidPack Foam

1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4"
Custom slitting and perfing available
72", 60: and 48" widths
Custom sheeting available
Antistatic available in 1/8" thickness


Bubble to kraft
Bubble to foam
Threelayer bubble
Foil bubble
Foil bubble foil

Cohesive & Adhesive Bubble

Available in 3/16", 5/16" and 1/2"
Custom slits and perfs available
Custom lengths available
Dispenser carton available

All Types of Winter Covers

Midwest Canvas

Midwest Canvas Corporation


Other Location

Salt Lake City
230 South Garnet . Toole, Utah 84074
Fax: (435)843-4484

New York
182 Riverside Drive Fultonville, NY 12072
Fax: (518) 853-1952

3917 S. County Road 1293
Odessa, TX 79765
Midwest Canvas
Determination of R-Value
The effective thermal resistance, or R-Value, of most of our products have been determined by an independent testing labrotory. Testing was conducted using ASTM C-518 or ASTM C-236as a procedural guide.
Midwest Canvas
Insulation Blanket
We will and we can manufacture almost any type of insulation blanket to meet your needs.
Midwest Canvas


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