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NEW! Diamond Bubble Solar Blanket: Click here for details.

Solar Blanket: The Space Age Solar Blanket™*  with aluminum heat shield collects heat from the sun's rays similar to a traditional solar blanket. Otherwise lost heat is reflected back into the pool from the special aluminum underside.

Solar Panels: The Saturn Solar Heater is designed to provide pool water that is about 10-15 % warmer than an unheated pool during the season. If your pool requires more than one unit, you may want to start with one and then add another if needed. Easy to install, in just 30 minutes you have your Saturn Solar System up and running. These Solar Panels are easy to assemble, just follow the instructions in the video. Installation is so easy, the video installers pictured are two young boys...so what are you waiting for!

Solar Covers: Heavy-duty polyethylene material works with the sun to catch and retain heat. Helps raise the water temperature by absorbing sunlight during the day and retaining the heat at night, extending the pool season. Savings come from a reduction in water evaporation. Material is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays which inhibits deterioration. Available in a range of grades and standard sizes. Custom sizes are available.

Winter Pool Covers: Laminated polyethylene sheeting woven with thick, high-density polyethylene stitching ensures superior tensile strength and durability. All covers are treated to provide maximum resistance to damaging ultraviolet rays to inhibit deterioration and increase longevity. In-ground pool covers come with standard holding straps for water tubes, optional reinforced webbed border for additional strength and durability and feature conveniently positioned, corrosive-resistant grommets for easy securing. Aboveground pool covers feature a ratchet and cable system featuring high-test vinyl-coated cable. Our covers are available in a range of grades from economy to extra heavy-duty.

Mesh & Leaf Net Covers: Mesh Cover is made of finely woven polyethylene. This product allows water to pass through while trapping leaves, twigs, and other debris. Lightweight yet strong these covers can be used year-round in more moderate climates for day-to-day maintenance or to serve as a trap to help protect your winter cover. Leaf Net Cover is lightweight yet very tough. Prolongs the life of winter covers by trapping and facilitating the removal of leaves and other corrosive materials. Easily attaches to winter covers with grommets. Aboveground cover is oversize for a perfect fit and can be secured with our ratchet and cable system. Available in a wide range of standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available.

Domestic Winter Covers:

Light Weight Solid Safety Covers:

Deluxe Aboveground Pool Reel System: Pre-assembled for aboveground pool covers and manufactured from specially engineered plastic. Makes cover removal a one person operation. Extends the life of your cover by up to 30% by protecting it from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. State-of-the-art bearings and simple sturdy design ensures longevity and smooth operation. Backed by a hassle-free warranty.

Lite Aboveground Pool Reel System: Pre Assembled for aboveground The Lite Abovegorund Pool Reel System eliminates the everyday chore of tugging, folding, dragging and tearing your solar blanket. Easy to use reel can be operated on most pools by one adult. Roll cover onto reel and lift up to pivot the reel off the pool. Solar Roller Lite fits round and oval pools without full decking.

Deluxe In-Ground Pool Reel System: In-ground pool covers are lightweight, noncorrosive, and extremely durable products manufactured from specially-engineered plastic. State-of-the-art bearings and simple and efficient design makes cover removal a one-person operation. Prolongs the life of your cover by inhibiting deterioration and increasing longevity. Backed by a hassle free warranty.

Economy In-Ground Pool Reel System: This economical solar reel offers smooth and easy operation at an affordable price without taking away from durability and performance. Our new design features a contemporary hand-crank for easy solar blanket removal and state-of-the-art bearings wnsures one person operation. Accommodates pools up to 22' x 45'

Commercial Pool Reel System:heavy-duty solar reel system. This heavy reel was developed to handle large commercial pools up to 30' wide and 125' in length. End frames 36" constructed from noncorrosive aluminum with a durable white paint finish. Heavy-duty anondized aluminum tubing is engineered for non-sagging performance. Four inch locking casters add to its mobility and ease of operation.

Water Pillows: Take the pressure off of aboveground pools with these inflatable pillows. Made of sturdy PVC, they hold up the cover and inhibit the buildup of snow, ice, and debris during the winter months.

Water Tubes: Maximize the effectiveness of your in-ground pool. Fill tubes with water, attach to the conveniently spaced holders, and help to hold down your cover under the most severe weather conditions. Available in heavy duty, these tubes are made of high-strength PVC for long life and durability. Available in single or double chamber units.

Air Pillows:

Grecian Pool Fountain: Are designed in a three tier layout.

Rock Fountains Fountain

Wall Foam:

Scum Sharks:

Skim Insure: Absorbs Winter ice Expansion.

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*US Patent # 6,286,155